We have an exceptional team with proven track records in technical and business leadership. World-class data scientists, recognized experts in deep-learning, and a diverse background across startups and household name companies.

Pedro Alves

Founder & CEO

Todd Hay

COO - People, Product, Process

Petr Tsatsin

Head of Engineering

Julian Tandler

Head of Sales and
Business Development

Juan D. Cardozo

Software Engineer

Sergei Bernadsky

Machine Learning Engineer

Srikanth Munjuluri

Research Engineer (AI and ML)

Gilberto Titericz

Lead Data Scientist

Henry Lim

Marketing Manager

Michael Schock

Machine Learning Engineer

We are curious individuals who relentlessly challenge ourselves. We are never satisfied. If you are this passionate about advancing the field of data science and enjoy learning, join us!

We listen and collaborate.

Everything is open for discussion, and we work as one team.

We seek the right answer,
not to be right.

We make mistakes, and we keep learning.

We expect to lead. 

We speak up and are respectful.