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AI-Driven Data Science:

World-class deep learning in days, not months

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The true value a data scientist brings to their company is not tuning parameters.

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Cheap, easy and ubiquitous; only when AI is these things will we truly begin to see the transformational power it has.

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AI has beaten humans in chess and Go. At Ople, we are building AI to beat humans at AI.

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AI will have the power to positively impact every industry on the planet; Currently, it seems it has the power to underwhelm every industry on the planet.

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Hiring for AI is as hard as doing AI itself.

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while increasing model accuracy and business impact

Applying Artificial Intelligence to Data Science

Artificial Intelligence will soon penetrate every aspect of our businesses and personal lives. The time has come for companies to invest in the analysis of data using AI techniques to establish a competitive advantage and mitigate the risk of being left behind.

Ople uses advanced machine learning to automate and optimize Data Science processes, accelerating the delivery of new, more accurate models from months to minutes. With Ople, business executives will gain first movers’ advantage on new opportunities, team leaders will deliver faster more accurate results, and Data Scientists will now be able to focus on actual business objectives, not just workflow.

Identify new opportunities in a cloud of Big Data

Execute faster than your competitors in new markets

Explore how artificial intelligence will shine light on your business.